Carving a spoon from seasoned Oak.

Last weekend Adam was away with a local scout troop in Oxfordshire helping the scouts gain their survival skills badge. During the evening whilst sat around the campfire he carved this beautiful spoon from seasoned Oak (Quercus Robur). The wood used was initially intended for the fire but Adam saved it from a fiery demise and carved this eating spoon.

(Front profile of the Oak spoon)

The spoons design was sketched on the piece of wood freehand by Adam and then waste wood removed using an axe, saw and knife.

(Back profile of the seasoned Oak spoon)

The back of the spoon was carved using a smaller carving knife to define the shape of the bowl and handle and create a nice transition between the bowl and the neck of the spoon, A full size bushcraft knife it not ideal to use for this size spoon as fingers can get in the way.

(Side profile of the carved Spoon)

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