Our 2018 courses date our now live on our website and available to book on.

We have also introduced a number of new courses to tickle your interest from single dedicated skill base days through to a new crafty weeklong course.

Kuksa Carving Course


The kuksa carving day is just that, a crafty day learning how to carve with green wood to create your very own Kuksa. The name kuksa derives from the Scandinavian word meaning drinking vessel or cup and is traditionally carved from birch wood by the sami people of the north. During this course you’ll be using local woods to carve you kuksa.




Fire Lighting Day Course


Delve deeper in the skills and techniques of lighting a fire. During this day course you will light a whole range of fires using a number of methods from primitive through to modern. You will learn how to firstly source tinder, prepare it and use it in the most effective manor to create a roaring fire in no time. You will learn and light fires using matches, flint and steel, ferrocerium rods, chemical reactions and the sun.



Natural Navigation and Emergency signalling

Discover the rare art of finding your way using natural navigation, during this course you learn how nature can help guide you through the lan and sea and navigate successfully without a modern compass or GPS. You will learn how the sun, trees and plants can help point you inthe right direction alongside, the stars and moon. You will also learn during this day course how to attract attention to yourself in an emergency buy various means of signalling.



Camp Craft and Woodland Furniture


This weekends campcraft course is all about working with natural materials and learning the skills required to construct a number of craft items from the surrounding woodland. After an initial induction into the woodland tools that you will be using during the weekend, you will be tasked to firstly harvest the materials and then construct a range of tables, benches and beds from hazel, you’ll be show how to utilise natural cordage and construct various types of pot hangers, utensils as well as other cooking aids. This course will give you a broad range of practical skills and knowledge enabling you to setup a basecamp with home comforts using your campcraft skills.


Woodsman Craft Week


Spend the week in the woods weaving, carving and crafting utensils, cups and containers from natural materials. Each day you will be introduced to a new craft and gather the raw materials needed to make the craft item. Our expert instructors will take you through how to use the various woodman’s tools such as axes, draw knives, gouges and carving knives that make crafting these items possible.