We also offer bespoke bushcraft courses, tailor made especially for you. So whether you want 1-on-1 training, a bushcraft birthday party, a stag do or corporate team building course, we can make it happen.

  • 1on1 training
  • Corporate team building
  • Schools
  • Youth Groups
  • Stag Weekend

Subjects which can be covered include:

bushcraft 24 participantsFire

  • Types of natural tinders
  • Methods of ignition (from primitive to modern)
  • Fire construction and maintenance
  • Fire safety and leaving no trace


  • Location selection
  • Tarpology
  • Natural shelters
  • Construction of debris shelters


  • Water sourcing
  • Filtration methods
  • Purification methods

Natural resources

  • Natural cordage making
  • Basic knots and lashings
  • Tree and Plant Identification
  • Navigation using natures help

Woodcraft & Flint knapping

  • Carving a spoon from green wood
  • Barkwork (i.e birch bark containers)
  • Bow Making
  • Flint knapping (arrow making, knife making

Wild Foods and Game Preparation

  • Wild food foraging
  • Snares & Traps
  • Game preparation (Small wildfowl such as pigeon through to large mammals deer)
  • Bushcraft cooking techniques


  • Cutting Tool Selection (Knife, Axe & Saw)
  • Safe cutting techniques (Knfe, Axe & Saw)
  • Cutting Tool Maintenance

To find out more please email adam@handsonbushcraft.co.uk or call 07598 491989 and a member of our bushcraft team will be in touch.