As a child Adam spent a lot of his time playing outside in the local fields and woods making dens and having a great time. When he was old enough he joined the scouts where he spent time learning how to light fires, build shelters and backwoods cooking. This was when he was first introduced to Ray Mears by his scout leader Terry Shipp. He handed Adam ‘Ray Mears Outdoor Survival Handbook’ and said “have a read through that you’ll enjoy it” and he did.

Ever since that day Adam has gathered numerous outdoor living and bushcraft books and DVD’s building up his knowledge of bushcraft and wilderness living.

Adam has attended numerous courses as well as volunteering at some of the best bushcraft schools in the UK, gaining valuable experience and helping to run bushcraft weekends, tracking courses, and stag weekends. He has also spent weeks out in the wild, sleeping out in a leaf litter shelters, practising fire lighting, using primitive weapons (including bow and arrows; atlatl; boomerangs, spears and sling shot), snaring and trapping techniques and gathering wild foods. He has spent time learning how to interpret animal tracks and how to stalk wildlife and move silently through the woods, from Ian “Max” Maxwell. Adam has also learnt flint knapping from some of the UK’s leading flint knappers John Lord and Karl Lee. He learnt how to create arrow heads, axe heads, adzes and many more useful flint blades, turning them into useful tools to use around the woods. Adam set up Hands on Bushcraft as he wanted to share his knowledge and inspire people to discover the wonders of Bushcraft and Wilderness Living.

Adam Giles

Since 2007 Adam has helped out at his local scout troop as an assistant scout leader alongside his former scout leader and in 2013 he became Scout Leader. He enjoys teaching navigation and pioneering skills to the scouts along side general camping skills and fire lighting techniques. Adam has been on many expeditions to different countries as a member of the scout association including Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. Adam has completed his Chief Scout Award which is the highest award a scout can earn, he has also completed his explorer belt which included a 10 day expedition across three countries. Adam is also Scout Leader for a local troop in Swindon. He regularly goes hiking and camping with the Scouts and enjoys giving back what he has learnt.

Adam has the following qualifications:

  • Fully CRB cleared (DBS)
  • Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate
  • GNAS Archery Leader
  • Remote Emergency Care Level 3 First Aid trained