Primitive Technology – Flint Knapping Day


Learn how to create primitive tools such as axe heads, knife blades, arrowheads, and hide scrapers from nodules of flint during our flint knapping day course.


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The day will begin with an initial safety briefing and a ‘tour’ of basecamp. Our instructors will then take you through the different types of primitive tools you will be using throughout the course. You will be shown how to use these tools to create axe heads, knife blades, arrowheads, and hide scrapers from nodules of flint.

There will be a selection of handmade flint tools around the ‘craft zone’ to give you a better understanding of there uses and to give you inspiration.

Flint Knapping Group

You will be shown the techniques of using hard hammers (quartzite pebbles) and soft hammers (antler) on flint nodules to create wonderful unique flint blades. You will also be shown pressure flaking, which allows you to create a finer more robust edge to arrowheads.

Our guest instructor Andrew Packer will share his knowledge and experience with you during the day, helping you to create a selection of flint tools and leaving you with an understanding of their uses and the history behind them.

This course will be held in a woodland setting complete with a tasty woodland lunch. All equipment will be provided, including soft and hard hammers, thigh mats, protective goggles and of course the flint!

At the end of the course, you will walk away with an increased knowledge of flint knapping and primitive technology, and everything you make on the day you can take home with you.Pressure flaking an arrowhead

Over the course of the day you will learn:-

  • The Fundamentals of flint knapping and the history behind it
  • How to select the correct flint nodules to use
  • How to use hard hammers for percussion flaking
  • How to use soft hammers for pressure flaking
  • How to make an axe head or knife blade
  • How to make an arrowhead
  • How to make hide scrapers

This course is fully catered.

This course will run on one day starting at 9:30am and finishing at 4pm.

Course Price £85

Location: This course is held at our Wiltshire site close Swindon.

Dates Available:

8th July 2017

To book select a date from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Additional information

Dates Available

8th July 2017


All meals for this course will be provided, allowing each student the opportunity to do some bushcraft cooking over an open fire. We have a kettle always on the go so you can help yourself to tea, coffee, squash and biscuits. We also have fresh drinking water and a fruit bowl available.


This course starts at 9:30am and finishes at 4pm.

Other Details

Joining instructions will be sent to participants once full payment has been made along with your receipt. This will include details of where to meet, when to meet, and what to bring with you.


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