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This course is designed to give you an overnight bushcraft experience, putting your skills to the test under the guidance of our skilled instructors.


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This course is designed to give you an overnight bushcraft experience, putting your skills to the test under the guidance of our instructors. Over the 24hrs you will learn and practice a number of skills including, fire lighting, shelter building, game preparation, backwoods cooking techniques, wild food foraging and snares and traps.

After an initial introduction and safety briefing you’ll be given all the tools you need to survive this 24hr experience. Your first task will be to construct a weatherproof shelter, where you’ll spend the night. You will be given guidance on how to build your shelter so that you have a comfortable nights sleep, using only the natural resources you have around you. You will be using natural bindings such as roots and withies to lash your shelter together, and for insulation and protection from the elements you will cover it with a thick layer of leaves and bracken – making sure it is fully weatherproof. A woodland game lunch will follow but first you must prepare it using only your hands!

After lunch you will be taken on a wild food forage, collecting seasonal delights to accompany your evening meal. It’s a great way to taste first hand what nature has to offer. Once back at base camp you will be shown a variety of traps and snares and our instructors will talk about the legalities of snaring and trapping. You will then get a chance to make your own trigger trap and test it works.Bushcraft 24hr - Bow drill practice

It’s then on to an action packed afternoon of firelighting. You’ll be given guidance on how to find natural tinder such as birch or honeysuckle bark, harvest it and prepare it ready for starting your fire. Our instructors will show you the different stages of firewood needed to successfully light a fire and sustain it throughout the evening, keeping you nice and toasty in your shelter. It’s then over to you to light your own fire – you’ll be using the  primitive bow drill method. Once you produce you smouldering ember you will have to carefully transfer it to you prepared tinder bundle to ignite your fire! Once lit the challenge is to keep your fire going for the remainder of the course.

Bushcraft 24hr course - Rabbit game preparationIt’ll then be time to prepare and cook your evening meal. We’ll start with the meat, usually rabbit, you’ll be shown how to skin and prepare this ready for cooking over the open fire. Our instructors will show you how to adapt your fire lay (layout of your fire) to aid in cooking. The edible goodies you foraged earlier in the day will be used to accompany the rabbit making for a delicious meal.

After dinner you’ll have some time to relax around the central campfire, reflecting on what you’ve achieved during the day.

As the sun rises you’ll awaken to the sound of the wood as it comes to life. The first thing to check is your fire – is it still alight? You will need this for cooking your breakfast on, so you’ll either need to build this up, or get it going again. You will be given the ingredients and taken through how to make bannock –  a traditional Scottish breakfast.

All good things must come to an end and after breakfast the course will come to a close.

During the course you will learn:

  • How to safely use knives and saws, including various cutting techniques
  • The fundamentals of shelter building including location selection and potential hazards
  • How to construct a weatherproof shelter (leaf litter)
  • How to identify useful trees and plants for food and medicine
  • How to prepare game (usually pigeon and a rabbit) ready for cooking over the open fire
  • Bushcraft cooking techniques
  • How to light a fire without matches, using the traditional bow drill method (fire by friction)
  • How to maintain a fire throughout the night
  • How to set a snare and a trap

Course Cost £139

Location: This course is held at our Wiltshire site close Swindon.

The course will last 24hrs – starting at 9am and finishing at 9am the following day.

“This was a great experience. So much more time when you’re in the wilderness with no technology! From building a shelter, to preparing game, starting fires with friction, trap setting and foraging this was a great experience. Very well experienced and helpful staff. Really well looked after and a most enjoyable experience. Thank you.”

Dates Available:

1st April 2017 – Only 3 places left!

3rd June 2017 – Only 2 places left!

2nd September 2017

To book select a date from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Additional information

Dates Available

17th September 2016, 1st April 2017, 2nd September 2017, 3rd June 2017


All meals for this course will be provided, allowing each student the opportunity to do some bushcraft cooking over an open fire. We have a kettle always on the go so you can help yourself to tea, coffee, squash and biscuits. We also have fresh drinking water and a fruit bowl available.


This course starts at 9am and finishes at 9am the following day.

Other Details

Joining instructions will be sent to participants once full payment has been made along with your receipt. This will include details of where to meet, when to meet, and what to bring with you.


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