We offer a great selection of Bushcraft and Survival courses starting with our day courses, which are designed to give you an insight into Bushcraft, through to more advanced weekend courses. Our courses are run in a fun and relaxing manor, there is an emphasis on learning and having a great time through practical experience. Our instructors will share their knowledge and experiences with you, guiding your through the various aspects of bushcraft and wilderness survival. Some of these skills include learning how to safely light a fire (with and without matches) and being able to maintain it in all weathers, how to build a shelter that not only looks great but will keep you warm and dry, how to prepare various game such as Deer, Rabbit and Fowl alongside wilderness cooking techniques.

Some of the more specialist subjects we cover include Spoon Carving, Wild Food Forages and Wild Game Butchery amongst others. We pride ourselves on high quality value for money courses which are realistic, enjoyable and practical. If you enjoy being outdoors breathing in the fresh air, then why not join us in the woods on one of our courses. Here at Hands on Bushcraft we believe in high quality tuition, therefore a student to instructor ratio of 8:1 is adopted. We want you to learn new skills so that you can go out into the countryside and enjoy your bushcraft experiences more. We aim for you to go away from our courses with an increased confidence and a sense of achievement.

We also offer bespoke courses, tailor made especially for you. So whether you want 1-on-1 training, a birthday party or a stag or hen do, we can make it happen.

Your Bushcraft Experience Starts Here!

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Bushcraft and Survival Day, Weekend and Weeklong Courses


Discover essential bushcraft skills during this course. Our instructors will guide you through various methods of lighting a fire, how to construct a natural debris shelter. We'll take on you a tree and plant identification where we will talk about there various uses for bushcraft, crafts, food and medicine. You will prepare your wild game lunch without the use of a knife.

Course Cost £79


Join us on our bushcraft experience day, where we will ignite your interest and leave you wanting more!

During this course our instructors will teach you how to construct a weatherproof debris shelter. Keep warm by learning how to light a fire without matches (firesteel/flint and steel). Enjoy that meal more with a hand carved spoon made by yourself and prepare you wild game lunch with your bare hands.

Course Cost £79

BUSHCRAFT 24 (24hr course)

A 24hr bushcraft course is designed to give you an overnight bushcraft experience, putting your skills to the test under the guidance of our skilled instructor team. You will learn how to construct a weatherproof debris shelter alongside how to create fire with matches using the bow drill method (fire by friction). You will guided through how to prepare a pigeon for your lunch and a rabbit for your evening meal alongside cooking techniques. Snares and traps is another skill that we teach you including the legalities.

Course Cost £139

BUSHCRAFT WEEKEND (weekend course)

The Bushcraft Weekend is a three day course designed to build on the essential bushcraft skills from fire by friction, game preparation through to water sourcing. The skills learn’t will enable you to go out into the countryside with minimal equipment and thrive.

Course Cost £150


During this course out primitive skills instructor will teach your how to create primitive tools such as axe heads, knife blades, arrowheads, and hide scrapers from nodules of flint. Everything you make during this course you will take home with you at the end. 

Course Cost £85

IN TOUCH WITH NATURE (week-long course)

This weeklong bushcraft course is designed to take you away from modern luxuries and help you to become less reliant on them


Wild game such as Venison, Rabbit and Pigeon are becoming increasingly popular and therefore we have designed this course to take you through how to prepare these meats. This is a hands on course where you will get the chance to skin, pluck and prepare the various game/wild fowl. Your woodland lunch will be a mixed game cooked over the embers of a camp fire. At the end of this course you will leave with a cool box full of prepare meats and recipes of tasty wild game meals.

Course Cost £179


The Whole Deer – A hands on butchery course dedicated to the butchery of an entire deer.  You will be getting stuck in to every process throughout this day course covering how to firstly skin a large mammal such as a deer, you'll then be taken through how to remove the various joints of meat making steaks from the fillets, roasting joints from haunches as well as making marinades to infuse the tasty venison in.  Your woodland lunch will be... venison, cooked over the embers of a camp fire. At the end of this course you will leave with a cool box full of venison and recipes of tasty venison meals.

Course Cost £179

BOW MAKING WEEKEND (weekend course)

Join us on our bow making weekend and learn how to make your very own flat bow during this two day course. Our expert instructors will guide you through the whole process, from selecting a tree to fell, quarter the timber using a axe and some wedges. From this point, is onto the shave horse to shape your before be testing it on the final afternoon. At the end of this course you’ll walk away with your very own handmade flat bow. 

Course Cost £225

SPOON CARVING (day course)

During this course you will spend the day learning how to carve various utensils including spoons, spatulas and ladles from green wood. Our expert instructors will be on hand to guide through the whole process from start to finishes.

Everything you make during this course you will take home with you at the end. 

Course Cost £79


Wilderness First Aid course Level 3. A 16hr first aid training course where you will gain a nationally recognised qualification. This course fulfils the requirements for mountain leader training (ML) and BCU amongst others.ow. 

Course Cost £144

WILD FOOD FORAGE (day course)

Spend the day learning how to identify wild edibles from within the woodland, hedgerows and pastures. You’ll find that our British countryside offers a wealth of seasonal wild foods providing you know when and where to look. You’ll learn how to identify and correctly harvest all sorts of foods, from thistle stems through to pig nuts. And once back at basecamp you’ll include them within a tasty woodland lunch, along with wild wood pigeon which you’ll prepare yourself. 

Course Cost £79

BASKET WEAVING (day course)

During this course you will spend the day learning how to weave will willow to create a fantastic looking basket. You will learn different weaving techniques, new words such as waling, whipping and much more during the day. 

Course Cost £79


There’s nothing like quality family time and what better way to spend it than getting back to nature.

Join us on one of our family bushcraft days this year and let our instructor team teach you how to build a natural lean-to shelter for you and your child. We'll teach you how to light without matches and make a slingshot for your woodland adventures!

Course Cost £100 (1 parent & 1 child)


During this day course you will be guided through how to manipulate bark to make various bark containers, pots and baskets. Our expert instructor will be on hand to guide your through the whole process from initially removing the bark using the correct techniques through to making the cordage to bind your container together with.

Course Cost £99

FUNDAMENTAL BUSHCRAFT (3 day weekend course)

If you want to take your bushcraft skills to the next level then our Fundamental Bushcraft course is for you. Over this 3 day course you will learn advanced techniques in shelter building, fire lighting and woodcraft.